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Manufacturing and supplying a wide spectrum of axial and radial wire wound resistor, ceramic encased resistors, aluminum housed power resistors, dynamic braking resistors, load banks , battery discharge resistor and resistors for Motor control.


Introduction to Sure Resistors

SURE RESISTORS is an establishment with 35+ years of industry experience. The core strength of ‘SURE’ is the ERP package supporting the manufacturing activity and design capability. The supporting testing and R&D infrastructure allows ‘SURE’ to claim for manufacturing the world class resistors for major applications.Strong ERP software and extensive database provides the products and services with high stability and negligible failure rate. Sure is already enjoying the credit and goodwill of being an only supplier of wire wound resistors to many companies.

With the wide band of product range, there is greater flexibility to suit individual requirement of wire wound resistors for various applications.

Our Products

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